Pedigree Of GC Lil Luv Lyns Nutter Butter
VarietyFlame Point
ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsGreat Great Grandparents
GC Ristokat's Eye Catcher
Seal Point
GC RW Ristokat's Chippendale
Seal Point
GC RW Whisperwood's Set the World on Fire
Flame Point
GC Whisperwood's Light My Fire
Flame Point
Bluheart's Sundrop of Whisperwood
Flame Point
CH Ristokat's Quelle Suprise!
Seal-Lynx Point
GC Brigantina's Misha of Oakheaven
Flame Point
CH GP Ristokat's Enchantee
Tortie-Lynx Point
CH Oakheaven's Offline of Ristokat
Seal-Lynx Point
Brigantina's Travel Line
Seal-Lynx Point
GC NW Oakheaaven's Hook, Line 'N Sinker
CH DM Oakheaven's Divine Ms Jackye
Seal Point
CH Luvhaven's Hale-Bopp A Do
Seal Point
GC Demiara's Mon Cheri
Seal Point
Luvhaven's Mariluv
Seal Point
Tanglebox's Marzipan
Blue-Cream (cc)
GC Cacao Rachmaninoff of Tanglebox
Flame Point
CH Montesol PijazzCH Inthewind Jesse James Of Montesol
Montesol Jazzmine
Cacao SerenadeGC Dalu Harbor Lights
Kisan's Kilkilo Kiale
CH Cacao Mikala of Kattenbach
Tortoiseshell (cc)
GC Cacao AbercrombieGC Paquita's Sun Rise of Dalu
CH Caliente Monnica of Cacao
Kisan Walkie TalkieCH Kisan's Bauldy Brat
Kisan's Sweet Mimo