Meet our boys!

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RW, GRC Lil Luv Lyns Starfire (GC Butters X CH Diva)

With 10 Best Cats to his credit (three of them at the 2013 World Show) Starfire was a LOT of fun to show!

A huge thanks to all the judges who have supported Starfire in his show career!! He is the Best Blue Eyed White Nationally, 7th Best Solid Nationally, and 11th Best Cat Region 4, 2013-2014 show season.




GRC Lil Luv Lyns Nutter Butter "Butters" (GRC Ristokat's Eye Catcher X Tanglebox's Marzipan)

We couldn't be more proud of our beautiful boy. He was so much fun to show, and is one of the rare boys that could show, breed, and he is one of my favorite pets, running the the house with the rest of the crew. So far, his kittens show SO much potential. We just love watching our Butter babies grow! ***POSSIBLY AVAILABLE TO A SPECIAL BREEDING SITUATION***

Butters, chillin' on the cat tree, all grown up!



Lil Luv Lyns White Violet (GC Tanglebox's Ice Breaker X Lil Lyns Pippa)







GC Tanglebox Ice Breaker

We are so excited to have Breaker join our family! He is a blue eyed white Himalayan (masking seal pt). I was enchanted with him when I met him at 5 months of age, and now Breaker is all grown up and a 3 show grand! Hettie can't wait to meet her new beau;) *****NOW RETIRED AND LOOKING FOR A FOREVER HOME***

Thank you so much Belinda Ernest, of Tanglebox, for everything.



CH Marclay Outta Scotch "Whiskey" (CH Lil Luv Lyns Beguiling X CH Marclay Such'A Jez-A-Bel)


















Reference Sires:




CH Lil Luv Lyns Beguiling "Giles" (Breaker X Sweets)

Jude Mystery Tour "Mr. T"

GC Ristokats Eye Catcher "Shadow" PEDIGREE


GC Lil Luv Lyns Allstar

GC Tanglebox's Ice Breaker


CH Lorlyn's Heart's Aglow of Lil Luv Lyns, aka "Joey", Pedigree